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Saturday, 22 July 2017

New Hair; From Purple Sludge to Smooth Blonde Balayage. (and I shaved my head)

Ooops I did it again, I played with My hair...got lost in the game...and then it went shit...

Pretty much sums it up in one bi-line right there.
 I was ginger. I was FINALLY the ginger of my fiery dreams and I got bored, BORED. Well that's very simplified, actually my Pops died and I went into a spiral of panic, and realisation about my own mortality and to distract myself I went for a hair overhaul... Insta regret. It wasn't until I emerged from the coma of grief that I realised what I had done...I'd dyed my hair PURPLE...why? Why did I suddenly want purple. I had Ginger hair because i'd always wanted it, and as a bonus I could now cosplay as Triss at Comicon, but those plans were cancelled anyway so I guess with the freedom to have any colour I went for the most ridiculous, other than my old green, Damn I loved that green..Anyway. At first I dyed it a very deep, level 3 Dark Violet Blue. This was my first mistake.
This was my lovely "Before" Ginger, using Goldwell Top Chic, 8KG and a KK mix with 20vol.

Then straight over that I slapped on a Framesi 2001 3IB (i think)
You can already see in this image why it was a HUGE mistake. First off; the violet tones will go brown because of the warmth from the ginger underneath which you can already see happening around the top, and then on the ends where it was lighter, more damaged and porous, it went more blue/green. 

So not happy with it being a million different shades I let it fade out a bit, only took two weeks...to turn into this:
Just a weird brown, with hints of purple.
And then I got my friend (and also a hairdresser so I wasn't mixing it wrong) do put on a vibrant Purple which I really loved. And even she was impressed with how vibrant the colour was.
This was the Framesi 2001 5IV with a 20vol Proxima Developer. And it looked stunning.
But the groundwork to my hair had already determened that this hair colour would be THE HARDEST THING TO KEEP IN MY HAIR. No matter what shampoo I used, how long I went between washes, the longest it stayed this vibrant for was 3 washes...so about 8 days, and then I was having to re-dye it again. 
Then my depression from my Papa passing really kicked in. I had a "fuck it" moment, shaved off the side of my hair, like i'd been wanting to do for 4 years, as evidenced by my pinterest board of side shaves. But I just thought, do you know what...life's too short, I want it done. BOOM. 
And I rock this btw...just not the color as it turns out. It was lovely while it was vibrant, but I was so low I just didn't care about keeping up with dying it every two weeks and gave up. This is what it looked like after two weeks of washing it with a colour protect shampoo...
Shocking. But yeah, as I said, i'd given up at this point. I then started using Head and Shoulders nearly everyday for a solid month to deliberately fade the colour out. I also decided to book myself in to get something done to it professionally. I had no idea what I was going to get, but anything was better than this mess. 
So, by the end you can see I still had quite purple roots and green/blue/brown ends. 

This is when the magic happened. I went to Victoria Jaynes Hair and Beauty (Yeovil)  and over the course of 6 hours she worked some mad magic with the help of Olaplex and Loreal Hair Colors.

And after hours of work she created a masterpiece of balayage and blond glory!!!

I mean seriously! Mind= BLOWN this was my hair and this IS now my hair. I'm over the moon!!!

Even my badass side shave doesn't look as out of place!

    I am just so happy. It really does pay to invest in your hair and have a professional do it. Plus the use of Olaplex is pretty much the only reason I think I still actually have hair. I cannot rate it highly enough!
 If a salon near you is trained in using it and provides and Olaplex service, then do it. 
(side note other salons may say they provide a hair bond protect/repair service, but Olaplex is PATENTED technology and cannot be duplicated by other brands so don't fall for second rate treatments)

Overall  I've had my new hair for about 5 weeks. I use Silver shampoo to combat any ginger tones I did have and it looks lovely. I cannot fault it at all. I am so happy.  


Sunday, 11 June 2017

Beauty Brawl Day 9- Hand Cream

Day 9- Hand Cream

I think technically for this one I cheated, because I know i've purchase this stuff before a year or so ago...but I fell in love with it all over again. I bought this when this summer Beauty Brawl was being planned, its been in my bag with me everywhere I go and its nearly all gone already. 
Where I work is very hands on. It's a lot of boxing, unpacking, dealing with paperwork, computer use, so my hands bare the brunt of all of my daily tasks and as a result dry out super quick. But this stuff leaves my hands and nails feeling divine and smelling edible!

Product: 89
Packaging: 75
Price: 90

Probably unfair that the hand cream I had before this was Lushs' "helping hands" so it had a lot to live up to, but to be honest although it doesn't feel as "good for you" as lush products do, it held it's own with its performance. I marked it slightly lower for the Packaging as i feel like it can be looked at again, the package can be quite bulky, so maybe a smaller tube, for cheaper obviously..or in a screw lid tub like a lush cream so it doesn't randomly pop open in your bag. The scent is amazing though, people around you commend on the smell for ages after you applied it. I found it was even leaving the scent on my computer keyboard. 
Price at the moment is insane obviously because it is on offer, but even at full price it is still totally worth it for the results and the amount of product you get. Highly recommend this and am actually thinking i may try the other scents they do too.
 Love and Light xoxo

Beauty Brawl Day 8- False eyelashes

Day 8- False Lashes

I don't wear false lashes, and today was going to be an exception but i'm working, and i'll be damned if i'm going to be putting eyelashes on at 6:30am and surviving the day at work with them on, without rubbing my eyes...so instead I'm just going to tell you right now the ONLY lashes you need for day to day wear and even cross over into night is 020 in either Natural Lash or Eyelure. 
They are my fail safe, my security blanket, my go-to for any client, any eye shape and any occasion. You can even layer them up as the band is clear and make them look fuller, or wear them as they are and pass them off as your own, they genuinely are the best lashes i have had the pleasure of using. 

Product: 95
Packaging: 70
Price: 90

They're inexpensive, they are re-usable if you treat them right, they easily last all day, they can be layered for volume, the band is clear so if fitted right you cannot even tell they are false, easy to trim and just one of the ultimate must have products i ca have in my professional beauty kit. 

  Love and Light xoxo

Beauty Brawl Day 7- Primer

Day 7- Primer

Day 7 already and we are onto primers! Not something I usually use on myself. It's usually something I reserve for clients who want their make up to last all day for special events...and they do work. It's just never been something I've felt  I needed. If I do wear make up I top it up myself throughout the day, but at work I don't tend to care or notice my make up state. 

For this I chose something I thought would help combat against my redness from my Rosacea. So I went with the Barry M flawless Colour Correcting Primer £5.99

Product: 80
Packaging: 90
Price: 60

Packaging...well its clear! which is one of my favorite things as you can actually see how much product is left! The product itself smells a bit weird to me, but it soon fades. I found because of my redness I was having to use a lot of product though to get any kind of result, and because of that I marked it lower in price as I should imagine this will only last me a few weeks. 

So as you can see, before, with primer, and then with make up. There is actually a really noticeable difference. Because of the amount of product i did have to use i think its something i'll save for special occasions, days out etc...not for every day use. 

Love and Light xoxo

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Beauty Brawl Day 6- Face Mask

Day 5- Face Mask

Yesterday's post was atrocious. I wasn't prepared, my computer was broken so I ended up just going with the original first draft. Today I will make up for it!

I was originally going to review one of the Sheet face masks from Beauty Pro but at the moment my eyes need more help than anything, so sticking with the same Brand I went with their Under Eye sheet masks instead. which I have linked you to Here. 

Product: 90
Packaging: 75
Price: 85

I love the whole range of Beauty Pro masks. But this by far is my favorite to date. Its £4.95 and you get three sets of eye treatments (3x2 eye pads) I usually slap them on in the evening while I'm in the bath but I decided today I'd put them to the real test on only 4 hours sleep eyes.

As you can see the before (left) and afters (right) are actually pretty good after only 15 min. as usual my Rosacea is on point, but it definitely makes a difference to the colour and size of the bags under my eyes. 
Would very highly recommend their other sheet face masks too. I have tried out the foaming one and the olive oil one and they are both excellent too. 

Love and Light. xoxo